Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gaspe - the ride. End if the adventure

Today Alexei took off right after the breakfast, he had to be back in Mass, so he can be at work tomorrow, which means superslabbing 416 miles in one day. 
after waiving him good by and wishing him a safe trip, I went back to our room and started to pack my bag in preparation for another day of great riding.
The idea was to cross border with Canada, ride a bit in Vermont's Northern Kingdom and then head to New Hampshire and camp somewher in the White Mountains.
it took me about three and half hours to reach Canada/US border, since I was riding back roads checkpoint was very small with last house on Canadian land about 100 yards away, and gas station on US side even closer to it. crossing took about 3 minutes for official business and then about 10 minutes discussion with CBP officer what roads I should take.
I rode some beutiful backroads of Vermont and even saw this bist 
then I entered graet state of  New Hampshire, I definately need to spend more time exploring this place, some really cool roads outh there. a lot of twistoes with no cars on them.

i met these guys on the roads of NH
after covering about 70 miles in US, I have come to realization that I had enoughtn ofrfiding and I missed my daughter a lot, well I missed my wife as well, but she is in London on business trip. anyway long story short I set GPS to go home and few hours later I was parked in the garage and unloadig bike, minutes later my daughter was hugging and kissing me. she is my girl.
total miles travelled 1,688
my tired tiger after the fun trip. bike needs a very good wash
my little girl was very happy to see me


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