Monday, July 27, 2015

Gaspe - the ride. Days four and five

Day four started very nice and with th perfect view from my tent
 We had a quick breakfast, and headed west towards Trois-Pistoles, where we planned to spend another night camping on the beach. The road was not as exciting as previous days, so we had to entertain ourselves 

We also stopped at Rimouski to check out the only submarine museum in Çanada, that was interesting

Also weather wasn't very cooperative with us, and it was raining on and off, but we remained optimistic about our plans to camp on the beach as well as to make some fish and scallops soup.
Our camping for the night

Seafood soup anyone.

We woke up to the rain, but it stopped soon, and sounded like a good idea to fix a quick breakfast, well it was a mistake. It started to rain before we even finished coffee.
We quickly packed our gear, loaded bikes to took off for our next destination Quebec City. On the way we stopped at Fromagerie des Basques, where we bought some smoked cheese, as well some young cheers for lunch.

After few hour on of riding we found a nice place along the river to have our lunch and try cheeses, well and have some SPAM.
Few hour later we arrived into Levis, it is a city a cross the river from Quebec City; it takes 15 minutes ferry ride to get to the QC. 
We found small B&B across a street from ferry terminal, which was perfect, after unloading bike and settling into our room we went to explore a bit of the city, both of us previously visited this beautiful place, but it was great to revisit and to take some pictures.

After good walk around the old city and food dinner we took ferry back to Levis.
Tomorrow we well split, Alexei will need to cover 416 miles in Ond day, so he can go to work on Wednesday, and I will take back roads to split my ride into two more days of fun on twisties

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