Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gaspe -the ride. Days 2 and 3

So we had pretty wet end of the day one, day two started a bit wet as well, but we knew that it should get better later in the day.
after about two hours of riding in the drizzle we got in the dry area with some nice views
and we met this dude

and he told us - "go see Perce rock", so we went.
after the Perce rick we rode to Forelin National Park, where we campeted for the night.

well deserved cigar at the end of the day

Jamaican jerk grilled flounder anyone

after the quick breakfast in the morning  and getting all the gear packed we went for a quick hike to the beach and met Buddah
the views were just incredible
after the quick walk/hike we got on the bikes and rode into the next day of our adventure. we saw beuityful places as we rode.
after riding a litle over two hundred miles we have foud this beutiful canping right on the ocean, as a matter of fact i am writing this blog and listening to the sounf of waves.

for dinner tonight grilled cod with some veggies and really tasty beans in Maple sirup, and it  was washed down with really good local brew.

well good night now, we have few more days of riding ahead of us.

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