Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gaspe -the ride. Days zero and one

Day zero wasn't very eventful. I met Alexei at the NH State Liquore store a little after 7:00 pm, we got a bottle of my favorite Tequila -Milagro Anejo and started out ride toward Bangor, ME.
Prior to arrival to our luxurious hotel -Super 8; we also stopped at the gas station to get some gas for tigers as we'll as some beer for us. Quick check-in into hotel, opening beer and some tasty pate with crackers for snack.

Day one starter really good, after the breakfast we loaded our bike and took mandatory group picture

We had about 384 miles to cover in front of us, but decide to avoid interstate and ride some local roads. It was great sunny morning with the beautiful scenery

About 100 mile into the ride someone decided to add some adventure flavore to it and it started to rain on and off all the way to Quebec province, here are few moments from the road

Once we crossed the bridge from New Brunswick to Quebec we still had a hope to  spend a night camping. 10 minutes into the ride very heavy rains started, so we had to adjust our plans. We found decent motel and crashed their for the night. We also went to nearby restaurant to grab some local food and beer, as well as to checkout local views.
For day 3 we will ride from Carleton, QC to Gaspe, QC. We hope the weather is going to be more cooperative with us.


  1. Классно! А не жалко шлемак класть на землю у заправки?