Saturday, August 6, 2011

More from our Canada Trip 2011

Day 6

We started our day with a 6-hour cruise of Saguenay Fjord. I am not going to brag about it, but here are just a few pictures.

We thought that 6 hours cruise is not enough, so we stayed on the boat for another 3-hour whale watching cruise. We've seen a bunch of Minke whales, few Fin whales, one Humpback whale, and a few seals. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative, so no pictures.

Day 7

We had to ride over 300 miles to Montreal through the beautiful country side of Quebec province.

After about 10 hours on the road, we finally checked into our hotel. Right after dropping off luggage in the room, we went to soak our sorry butts in the hotel's jacuzzi and a swim in the pool. Only after an hour or so of soaking, we found strength for a walk on St. Catherine Street and a quick dinner from a Greek version fast food restaurant.

P.S. Sheraton has the best beds, and bed sheets feel so nice.

Day 8

The day started late and we went for a breakfast/lunch ( it was around noon) to our favorite place - Reuben's. We decided to rent bicycles (as if we don't spend enough hours in the saddle) and explore Montreal on two wheels.

We watched river channel locks opening, and a lovely lady operator honored me (as a city's guest) and allowed me to open one of them

We continued our ride once ships passed through the channel, passing by one of the many automatic bicycle rental stations on the way

It was a little hot (and sunny) so Devochka made me buy a hat (panamku). After parking the bikes we explored old city on foot

When we were done with exploring Old Montreal, we decide to take a ride on the the Metro to Mont-Royal stop (for a short hike to the top of the mountain)

Ok, I guess I am done for the day (it is all up hill behind me). I think it is fair to say we worked off those Reuben's sandwiches.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Canada Trip 2011 continued

Day 4

We woke up on the rainy Monday morning, packed our bags, grabbed quick breakfast, which was included in our hotel stay, jumped into rain gear and headed out of Quebec City. Our journey continued north-east towards Saint-Simeon, picturesque town on the shore of the great Saint Lawrence river. Our trip took us along the northern shore of the St. Lawrence: first we were on route 138 which was fun and pretty, but then we hit 362, and it blew us away. We had so much fun just riding: the scenery was beautiful, with mountains on the left and river on our right. Neither one of us have ever seen such a wide river, and it is very impressive. But I guess my dear readers are getting tired of my BS, so let' see some pictures.

And some more views (specifically for my sister) from our hotel in St. Simeon

Then we went for dinner to a local gourmet restaurant (think stolovka) and decided to get some wine for the evening. Here is our after-dinner snack

Here is the map for the day

Day 5

The day started as usual, with a little bit of sun and clouds. We headed north on RT. 170 towards Saguenay Fjord and the beautiful scenic Fjord route. Our first stop, a little town called Petit Saguenay. We came across a bistro/art gallery and decided to get a breakfast. We were presented with some very artsy sandwiches.

We filled out tanks with fuel and continued our journey

We circled around the fjord and finally arrived to the furthest point of our trip, town of Tadoussac.

Here is route of our trip for the day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Canada Trip 2011

Day 1

As some of you might know, on Friday, July 29, 2011 we started our motorcycle trip to Quebec, Canada. First day was pretty much uneventful with exceptions of riding entire distance in the dark, most of the time in the rain and fog. We also almost ran out of gas and hit a dear, plus for some strange reasons our hotel reservation was cancelled. By 3 o'clock in the morning when we finally got to bed it still didn't feel like a vacation.
Lessons learned:
Do not leave on motorcycle vacation on Friday night after work in the rain
When traveling in rural areas get gas every time you stop for a break
If you are running out of gas, remember to still concentrate on the road and watch out for deer
Red Roof Inn in Rutland, VT sucks.
There are no pictures from the road, but here is a map.

Day 2

Day two had a late start, so we hit the road around 11 o'clock in the morning. We had 341 miles ahead of us, primarily back roads of Vermont and Quebec.

getting ready

We hit some great roads on the way, and here are few pictures of them

I had to pose for this one

We also met this guy

and came across some water falls

Finally we got into the Canada - border crossing was fast and easy, since we crossed throughout some very small post.
Here are a few pics of Canadian roads, which greeted us with some pig farms and familiar smell of manure...

also a few pictures of us during one of the rest stops

And then we crossed over to a on a ferry

It was a very long day, since we made a lot of scenic stops and drove at lower speeds. We got into our hotel in the center of the Old Quebec city around 11 in the evening, which was almost after 12 hours on the road.

Here is a map of day 2:

Lesson learned on day two:
Do not plan 340 miles ride with scenic stops if you still want to be married by the end of the trip
(we both walked like mongolian horse riders by the end of the day, but it was great nonetheless)

Day 3

The day was dedicated to Quebec city (walking in hopes of getting rid of Mongolian walk). The day started with a fabulous breakfast at the Champlain Hotel (great pate and omelet). Right after breakfast we headed out to explore North-American version of Paris - starting at parliament building in upper old Quebec city.

Of course with its own fountain

and Devochka got tired...

Here are a few more pics

Next off to Citadel

Yeap, that's real bear-hat on a guy in 80 degrees heat

Ok, done here - off to just walking around the city (doing touristy things)

Dude is crossing the country on a tractor, making documentary about family farming


And then the light ended